Monday, December 28, 2009

Gurbaksh Chahal: Successful Business Entrepreneur of USA

When Gurbaksh Chahal was 3, his parents came to America because of instability in India and stayed with their friends in San Jose. Gurbaksh lived with his grandmother and other siblings in Tarn Taran in the Punjab (India). He came to the United States a year later, when he was 4. Gurbaksh started his schooling in America.
When Gurbaksh Chahal was 15, he was able to take college courses while still in high school on the campus of what is now Evergreen Valley College. His parents wanted him to be either a doctor or an engineer; however, Gurbaksh didn’t like science. He used to spend most of his time while surfing and watching CNBC and learning about the stock market.
One day, he noticed that a company called “DoubleClick” was providing Internet Ad services. He didn’t know how to program, but realized that advertisers would need a way to track visits online. He wanted to buy software to help him, and found a guy in London who had technology that he offered him for $30,000. Thereafter Gurbaksh went online and incorporated his company with the help of his brother.
After three months, Gurbaksh had made $100,000 in revenue. He realized he had a business. G named it “ClickAgents”. From there he never looked back. Within a year, he had $1 million a month in revenue. Then, an investment bank called and asked him if he was interested in selling ClickAgents. After completing all formalities and paper work he finally sold ClickAgents for $40 million.
Thereafter, Gurbaksh found his second company named “BlueLithium”. BlueLithium was the next generation ad network focusing on data, optimization and analytics and was a pioneer of behavioral targeting. In October 2008, Yahoo bought the company for $300 million cash, making Gurbaksh Chahal a multi-millionaire.
Through his skills, Gurbaksh Chahal has now created companies worth over $340 million and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of America. To read more about Gurbaksh Chahal, please visit the site